Copyright on historical subjects is always almost problematical, so here is an attempt to make my position clear.

First of all, the purpose of this site is to document one very small railway in Sussex, for my own amusement and for that of colleagues and friends. There is no intent to generate revenue or make political or other points.

Most of the imagery has come from my own cameras, and so the copyright is mine. If you want to reuse the images for non commercial educational purposes, then please do so. If you do so, a credit would be appreciated as well as helping other users to track images over time and space. See the GNU pages here.

Historical images from the 1960s have come from a variety of sources and the copyright on these is unclear or uncertain. Where it is know, it is attributed. Where it is not know, no claims or statements are made or claimed.

If you see any material on this site which you can cast any light on I'd much appreciate you contacting me. If you see anything on this site which upsets or annoys you, then again please contact me.

The website software is Open Source and I really appreciate all the efforts by the 'netizens to build such excellent software and then give it away - way to go!

As I said to start with, the purpose of this site is to amuse and educate - nothing more.