Modern Technology

When rebuilding old equipment one is always faced with the decision of whether to restore to the original state or to restore 'in the style of' but using modern technology.

Whilst there is undoubted charm in restoring to the original state, modern advances allow us to improve performance, reliability and so on.

The LLLR follows the 'restore in the style of', whilst using modern equipment where it offers improvements over the original but does not change the end result 'too much' (Discuss!)

So all the bolts on the restored locos, coaches and track work are now metric 18/8 marine grade stainless steel so in 30 years time they will be able to be removed and replaced.

Likewise the two rail pick-up has gone, to be replaced with on-board 24v DC equipment, and the 40v DC motor has been replaced with a Bosch 24v DC model.

This offers slightly more HP output than the original but as it runs on 24v DC it can be used fully with the on-board batteries.